Dose of Depth

The Fantasy–My first short story about romance, sexuality, and creative imagination–Read by me

March 27, 2022 Season 1 Episode 9
Dose of Depth
The Fantasy–My first short story about romance, sexuality, and creative imagination–Read by me
Show Notes

In this episode, I read my first short story. 

How I came to write my first short story is a funny story itself. I had picked up and left my Midwestern hometown with only what could fit in my car, drove down to a beach town in Florida to begin my new life, and wandered around with anxiety about what the heck I was going to do next. Oh, and it was the initial climax of the COVID19 outbreak. In spring of 2020. 

The new ritual that grounded me most was walking the beach every morning. A month into my new life, as I walked my route, a fantasy came out of my unconscious about reconnecting with a man who I had spent a couple nights with six months earlier. It didn’t go anywhere, and I had deleted his phone number.

Now, the fantasy tortured me, and I began to see the man’s likeness everywhere. I couldn’t take it anymore. And then, after signing up for a writing program, and finding out I had to write a short story, I freaked out. 

But for six weeks, accompanied by a Cosmo martini and the local musician who played acoustic guitar at my new favorite bar on the ocean, all the pent-up sexual energy came out onto the page. 

I began to wonder about the relationship between sexuality, spirituality, and creative imagination. 

I hope you enjoy my short story and explore the ways your own creative imagination wants to express itself.

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Thanks for listening and having the courage to explore the deeper meaning in your own life. 

Deborah Lukovich, PhD