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Dissecting Midlife: There's a Point to Unraveling (blog post)

June 03, 2023 Deborah Lukovich, PhD Season 2 Episode 13
Dose of Depth
Dissecting Midlife: There's a Point to Unraveling (blog post)
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Show Notes

In this episode, I read a blog post I wrote a year ago, Spring of 2022, about the experience of midlife crisis, or unraveling. 

Some want to avoid calling it a crisis, but I think that’s spiritual bypassing, or your ego just trying to control the process. Remember, what’s in your unconscious is not known, so when pieces of it come out and challenge your beliefs, it should feel like a crisis. Some of the things you thought were true suddenly cannot be reconciled with the situation in which you find yourself. 

The crisis is an invitation to explore your deeper Self. 

Whether you’ve already survived a midlife unraveling, or you think it will never happen to you, enjoy learning about my framework for exploring that point in your life when you’re looking for more than surface level living.

Deborah Lukovich, PhD

In Midlife, by Murray Stein
The Principle of Individuation, by Murray Stein
Transformations, by Murray Stein

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