Dose of Depth

A One Night Stand With Shame (blog post)

June 15, 2023 Deborah Lukovich, PhD Season 2 Episode 14
Dose of Depth
A One Night Stand With Shame (blog post)
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Show Notes

In this episode, I read a blog post I wrote two years ago, beginning of 2021. I had survived my first eight months after leaving my hometown to start a new adventure in Jacksonville Beach. I still had no idea what I was going to be doing for work, but I had found a little groove.  

Following your Soul’s calling is for the brave. Answering the mysterious calling into the unknown requires trusting something other than your mind and conventional beliefs. It can feel terrifying, immoral, irresponsible, and when you feel these things, sometimes it means you’re on the right track to discovering something new, something no one else knows. The excitement and sense of purpose makes up for the fear and anxiety.  

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Deborah Lukovich, PhD

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