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Volcanic Ash Storm: The Secret Agenda of Dreams and Film Images (blog post)

June 25, 2023 Deborah Lukovich, PhD Season 2 Episode 15
Dose of Depth
Volcanic Ash Storm: The Secret Agenda of Dreams and Film Images (blog post)
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Show Notes

In this episode, I read a blog post I wrote about a year ago, Spring of 2022, two years after I arrived in Jacksonville Beach, FL for the beginning of the reconstruction phase of midlife. I was over the unraveling phase thank goodness. The post is titled: Volcanic Ash Storm: The Secret Agenda of Dreams and Film Images.

There’s this moment, or series of moments, when you become aware of what you’ve shed, what parts of you have died or stepped back so other parts of you can take the lead. It’s like you have a cast of characters and different ones appear in different scenes that together make up a story arc, your life story. 

But during this pivotal moment, how do you know which characters is the right one? What if the wrong one shows up for the wrong scene. Yikes. There may be some hesitation or anxiety about who you’re becoming. 

If we’re paying attention, during those moments, our unconscious is happy to give us clues that pull us forward, that prevent us from succumbing to the old dysfunctional tendencies that we successfully overcame.

This was one of those moments. I had been through the unraveling, and I had begun to find new purpose, which began manifesting as publishing my Soul book, launching my podcast, and feeling my way into a depth psychology coaching practice.

This blog post is a story about one of those moments, one of many in between moments.

I hope you’re entertained by another awkward story about my midlife journey, and maybe you can even find yourself in it. 

Let’s get started.

Deborah Lukovich, PhD

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