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How Depth Psychology Coaching Changed My Life: A Chat with Angela (my client)

July 15, 2023 Deborah Lukovich, PhD Season 2 Episode 18
Dose of Depth
How Depth Psychology Coaching Changed My Life: A Chat with Angela (my client)
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Show Notes

In this episode, I have a conversation with one of my clients, Angela. She’s a teacher and a mom of two preteen kids, and she fills lots of other roles.

Recently, Angela and I realized that that she has been seeing me for depth psychology coaching more than four years. I sometimes call her Junior Depth Psychologist because she’s getting so good at exploring her dreams and finding the metaphor in her waking life. Angela’s journey also brings to life CG Jung’s theory of individuation, which he defines as consciously exploring your own unconscious.

Angela is a great story with an interesting arc of ups and downs, painful realizations, new empowering ah ha moments, and consciousness about entrenched patterns, a consciousness that helps her see she has options and choices that she didn’t realize she had before.  Angela is also unique among my clients in that she can really feel the difference between who she was that first time I met her and who she is now, and she can sense how she’s being pulled into a future version of herself too. Not all my clients have that capacity.

So, for those reasons, and the fact she said yes to my invitation, we’re having a chat today about her experience of depth psychology coaching. Plus, Angela is just a delight and such a lovely person and has also developed that important midlife survival trait of having a sense of humor about her own experience of coming into deeper relationship with herself.

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